Episode 40

Mental Models for Elixir and LiveView


March 23rd, 2021

40 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

We talk about the mental models we use for writing our Elixir code and for thinking about our Elixir systems (starting at 5:46). We cover transformations, plug, and Mark's "Workshop Model" (starting at 23:45). We also talk about LiveView, (starting at 31:20) how we approach it today, mistakes we've both made and seen. A fun discussion! We want to continue the discussion with you over on ElixirForum. Check the show notes for links to those topics!

Show Notes online - http://podcast.thinkingelixir.com/40

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Discussion Resources

  • Mental models coming to Elixir
  • Phoenix pipelines and reconstructing plug
  • https://pragmaticstudio.com/courses/elixir – The PragProg course Cade mentioned
  • It's all about data transformations
  • Code organization and namespace design discussion
  • Mark's mental model of the "The Workshop" starting at 23:45
  • Modules are binders of instructions
  • Refactoring, namespace design, code organization is about getting your workshop organized.
  • LiveView, anti-patterns, making the mental shifts
  • The "Lift and shift" approach doesn't work well coming from OOP or React to Elixir
  • Live View components and passing left over arguments to the HTML makes it cleaner and easier
  • https://elixirforum.com/t/thinkingelixir-discussion-mental-models-for-your-elixir-and-liveview-code/38393ElixirForum Discussion - Mental models you use for thinking about your Elixir and LiveView code

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