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About the show

The Thinking Elixir podcast is a weekly show where we talk about the Elixir programming language and the community around it. We cover news and interview guests to learn more about projects and developments in the community.

Whether you are already experienced with Elixir or just exploring the language, this show is created with you in mind. We discuss community news, Functional Programming, transitioning from OOP, coding conventions, and more.

Guests visit the show to help challenge our assumptions, learn about new developments and grow in the process.

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  • 190: Thinking Elixir News

    February 20th, 2024  |  20 mins 20 secs
    elixir, erlang, news, testing

    News highlights Phoenix LiveView's latest improvements, a new readability-centric Elixir testing tool, JSON's potential Erlang integration, the availability of GPUs, Gleam's milestone approach, and more!

  • 189: Thinking Elixir News

    February 13th, 2024  |  12 mins 56 secs
    ai, elixir, news

    In this episode: Elixir 1.16.1, testing tips for ExUnit, performance gains with Bandit, Phoenix Protocols for route customization, Kino YouTube integration in Livebook, and cautionary tales in AI with a major deepfake scam, and more!

  • 188: Thinking Elixir News

    February 6th, 2024  |  16 mins 42 secs
    audio, elixir, liveview, news

    This episode dives into Elixir's new ExDoc features, the revival of the Elixir Slack inviter, unified LiveView testing with PhoenixTest, the art of adding audio to LiveView, and the latest Nx Explorer v0.8 release, and more!

  • 187: Thinking Elixir News

    January 30th, 2024  |  14 mins 30 secs
    elixir, erlang, ex_doc, news

    Phoenix celebrates a decade of innovation, Gleam introduces an interactive tour, ElixirLS gets an update, Erlang embraces ExDoc, and more!

  • 186: Thinking Elixir News

    January 23rd, 2024  |  7 mins 18 secs
    aws, elixir, news

    Discover how Elixir reduces costs and enhances dev experiences, get tips for package maintainers, and catch the latest on NervesConf US and more!

  • 185: InstructorEx for LLMs

    January 16th, 2024  |  54 mins 35 secs
    elixir, instructor, json, llm

    Explore InstructorEx's approach to harnessing LLMs for structured JSON data and Elixir's role in refining AI interactions. Uncover strategies for enhancing tasks and integrating Python skills with Elixir potential, and more!

  • 184: Magic Links

    January 9th, 2024  |  23 mins 4 secs
    elixir, magic links, news

    News covers Testcontainers making testing with DBs a breeze, to bulk updates in Ash Framework, and a Windows library with Azure in mind! Then we go deeper into effortless authentication with "magic links" in Phoenix apps.

  • 183: Thinking Elixir News

    January 2nd, 2024  |  18 mins 23 secs
    elixir, news

    This episode dives into Elixir's new 1.16.0 release, machine learning with Llama.cpp, memory-smart benchmarking with Benchee 1.3.0, Adobe's Elixir Styler for code formatting, and unveils the all-inclusive Membrane SDK for multimedia, and more!

  • 182: Year End Review

    December 26th, 2023  |  31 mins 9 secs
    elixir, news

    Tune in to the latest in the Elixir world, featuring Supabase's innovative Supavisor and their partnership with for a managed Postgres option, the exciting beta release of LiveView Native, plus a "Year End Review"!

  • 181: FLAME with Chris McCord

    December 19th, 2023  |  1 hr 11 mins
    aws, elixir, flame, lambda, serverless

    Dive into the Elixir ecosystem's latest innovation: Chris McCord's FLAME for the Phoenix Framework—is it a game-changer in serverless computing? We discuss its unique approach, scalability, how it compares to job queues, and much more!

  • 180: Thinking Elixir News

    December 12th, 2023  |  19 mins 57 secs
    elixir, liveview, news

    What's behind Chis McCord's latest tease? Explore José Valim's proposed Elixir addition, Supabase's "libcluster_postgres" for Elixir node discovery, and see how others tackle this year's Advent of Code with tools and Livebooks, and more!

  • 179: Future of AI with Elixir?

    November 28th, 2023  |  33 mins 50 secs
    ai, elixir, openai, opensource, proprietary, risks

    How does the AI revolution affect Elixir devs? We discuss the risks of proprietary AI, the power of self-hosted open-source models with Elixir, the strategic benefits they bring, why Elixir may be really well positioned, and more!