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The Thinking Elixir podcast is a weekly show where we talk about the Elixir programming language and the community around it. We cover news and interview guests to learn more about projects and developments in the community.

Whether you are already experienced with Elixir or just exploring the language, this show is created with you in mind. We discuss community news, Functional Programming, transitioning from OOP, coding conventions, and more.

Guests visit the show to help challenge our assumptions, learn about new developments and grow in the process.

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  • 203: Thinking Elixir News

    May 21st, 2024  |  27 mins 8 secs
    aws, elixir, flame, liveview, news, oban

    News includes Phoenix LiveView 1.0 release, José Valim's ElixirConf EU keynote on design patterns, Chris McCord’s FLAME-based World Page Speed Test, Ash 3.0 release, Oban support moving to ElixirForum, and more!

  • 202: Thinking Elixir News

    May 14th, 2024  |  26 mins 47 secs
    aws, bloom, elixir, ftc, news, phoenix

    New ElixirLS launch boosts coding efficiency, José Valim hails type system upgrades, “Bloom” extends Phoenix, Chris McCord demos global hot code deploys, plus FTC and AWS updates, and more!

  • 201: Thinking Elixir News

    May 7th, 2024  |  18 mins 30 secs
    elixir, ftc, lexical, lsp, news, slack, soul of erlang

    Explore Lexical 0.6.0's release, Elixir's smarter Slack bots, Saša Jurić’s “Soul of Erlang/Elixir” at 5 years, and we dive into the FTC's ban of non-competes. Tune in for these tech insights & more!

  • 200: Ready for a new frontier?

    April 30th, 2024  |  1 hr 8 mins
    elixir, ios, jetpack, liveview native, mobile

    Is Elixir ready to expand into a new frontier? Learn about LiveView Native’s potential for Elixir on mobile with Brian Cardarella & Carson Katri. Get updates on EEF elections, and Livebook integrations. Plus, tech insights & more community news.

  • 199: Websockets' Late Hero and Elixir's Fresh Updates

    April 23rd, 2024  |  40 mins 35 secs
    ai, cloudflare, elixir, langchain, migrations, mox, news, websockets

    Elixir 1.17.0-dev changes, ExDoc v0.32's sleek features, Cloudflare's late heroic websocket entry post-Phoenix fame, a new BEAM-focused DevOps book, and more! —tune in for tech deep dives and laughs!

  • 198: Cade Gets the Last Word

    April 16th, 2024  |  21 mins 24 secs
    ash, cade, elixir, news, redis

    New Elixir v1.17.0 features, Kino Benchee for @Livebookdev, 🐦‍🔥 Phoenix emoji's debut, Ash Framework v3 RC news, plus a heartfelt host update from Cade. Don't miss out!

  • 197: Thinking Elixir News

    April 9th, 2024  |  20 mins 39 secs
    ai, bumblebee, elixir, xz

    Discover at-home AI projects with Bumblebee, averted tech crises, Elixir IEx customization, the buzz about ElixirConf EU and NervesConf US, and more!

  • 196: Thinking Elixir News

    April 2nd, 2024  |  21 mins 26 secs
    elixir, json, news, redis

    Dive into the latest Elixir developments with Erlang OTP 27.0-rc2's new json module, more on Phoenix Live Reload, the pivotal Redis licensing change, insights from an Elixir refactoring survey, and more!

  • 195: Migrating from Next.js to Phoenix

    March 26th, 2024  |  52 mins 44 secs
    elixir, news, nextjs, operational, phoenix, simplicity, vercel

    In this episode, Ben Reinhart discusses his shift from Next.js and Vercel to ElixirLang, Phoenix, and, highlighting how Elixir's simplicity and features streamlined his AI product's operations at AxFlow.

  • 194: Operational Elixir: Knowing When to Grow Up

    March 19th, 2024  |  52 mins 46 secs
    elixir, growing, kubernetes, monitoring, operations

    In our series finale, Zach Daniel talks the operational side of Elixir, from startup agility to midsize company structure. Discover key insights on scaling your app's support systems, mistakes made, mastering deployments, and more!

  • 193: Operational Elixir: Observing the Midsize Madness

    March 12th, 2024  |  55 mins
    elixir, midsize, news, observability, startups

    Nearing the end of our series, Dave Lucia explores observability tools and strategies for Elixir teams in midsize settings, sharing how to boost application monitoring and reliability from startups to Series C/D companies and more!

  • 192: Operational Elixir: Scrappy Startups Edition

    March 5th, 2024  |  1 hr 19 secs
    elixir, lean, operational, startup

    Our series continues! Philip Brown returns to discuss the tools and strategies for bootstrapping lean startups with Elixir. Learn his essentials for MVPs, cost-effective practices, balancing functionality with frugality, and more!